Air Force Research Laboratory

Microfluidics Workshop



12-13 MAY 2003

Davidson Conference Center

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA  90089


DAY 1:  MONDAY, 12 MAY 2003


0730-0800       Registration

0800-0830       Opening Remarks

                        Dr. Andrew Ketsdever, AFRL


0803-0900       Presentation,  Prof. George Karniadakis, Brown University, “Magnetorheological Fluids: Microdevices and Self-Assembled Structures”


0900-0930       Presentation, Dr. Eric Cummings, Sandia National Laboratory, “The Design of Electrokinetic and Dielectrophoretic Microsystems”


0930-1000       BREAK


1000-1030       Presentation, Prof. Carl Meinhart, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Analysis of Microscale Transport for BioMEMS”


1030-1100       Presentation, Dr. Amish Desai and Dr. Ravi Verma, Tanner Research Inc., “Perspective on Low Temperature, Low Cost MEMS for Microfluidics”


1100-1130       Presentation, Prof. E.P. Muntz, University of Southern California, “Nano-Scale Flows in Aerogels”


1130-1300       LUNCH


1200-1300       PLENARY TALK, Prof. Chih-Ming Ho, University of California, Los Angeles, “The Potential of Micro/Nano Fluidics for Applications in Sensing and Manufacturing Processes”


1300-1330       Presentation, Prof. Steven Wereley, Purdue University, “Experimental Diagnostics for Microscale Sensor and Actuator Evaluation”


1330-1400       Presentation, Dr. Albert Henning, Redwood Microsystems, “Physics, Technology, Applications, and Reliability of Microvalves”


1400-1430       Presentation, Dr. Kirk Yerkes, Air Force Research Laboratory, “AFRL/PRPS Micro-Scale Fluidics and Thermophysics Activities”


1430-1500       BREAK


1500-1530       Presentation, Dr. Michael Gallis, Sandia National Laboratory, “Prediction of Gas-Damping Forces on Moving Microbeams”


1530-1600       Presentation, Prof. Kenneth Breuer, Brown University, “Scientific Questions and Engineering Challenges in Microfluidics”


1600-1630       Presentation, Dr. Dean Wiberg, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Do Ants Carry Elephants? A System Perspective on Microfluidics”


1630-1700       General Discussion Session – Day 2 Preparation


1700-1730       BREAK


1730-1900       Poster Presentations


1900                DAY 1 ADJOURN



DAY 2:  TUESDAY, 13 MAY 2003


0800-0830       General Discussion and Breakout  Group Assignment


0830-1000       Breakout Group Discussions


1000-1030       BREAK


1030-1100       Breakout Group Discussions


1100-1220       Breakout Group Reports


                        Modeling and Simulation

                        Basic Research



1220                Final Remarks

                        Dr. Andrew Ketsdever, AFRL


1230                DAY 2 ADJOURN




Joe Cardin, Vacco, Inc., “A Micro-Propulsion System for Cubesats”


C. H. Kuo, C. Eastwood, L. Sitzki, K. Borer, and P. Ronney, University of Southern California, “Numerical Modeling of Heat-Recirculating Burners”


Francisco Ochoa, Jeongmin Ahn, Craig Eastwood and Paul D. Ronney, University of Southern California, “Thermal Transpiration Based Microscale Propulsion and Power Generation Devices”

Ali Beskok, Texas A&M University, “ Numerical Modeling of Liquid and Gas Micro Flows

M. Young, Y.- L. Han, A. Green, S. Jones, G. Shiflett, and E. P. Muntz, University of Southern California, “Meso/Micro/Nano-Scale Gas Pumping From Optically Generated Temperature Gradients In Aerogel Membranes


N. Aluru, University of Illinois, “Nanofluidics: From Anomalous Behavior to Multiscale Methods


Albert K. Henning, Nicholas Mourlas, Steven Metz, and Art Zias, Redwood Microsystems, Inc., “A MEMS-Based, High-Sensitivity Pressure Sensor for Ultraclean Semiconductor Applications


Deborah Levin, A.A. Alexeenko, D.A. Fedosov, S.F. Gimelshein, and R. J. Collins, Penn State University, “Coupled Thermal and Fluid Analyses of  Microthruster Flows” (1 of 2, 2 of 2)


Brian D'Souza, and A. Ketsdever, University of Southern California, “Sub-Orbital Flight Demonstration Of Mems Technologies For Space Applications”


N. Gatsonis and G.E. Karniadakis, Worchester Polytechnical Institute, “Continuum-Atomistic Simulations of micro-PPTs”


Eui-Hyeok Yang, Choonsup Lee, Larry Wild, Nishant Rohatgi, Juergen Mueller, and Thomas George, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Normally-Closed, Leak-Tight Piezoelectric Microvalve Under Ultra-High Upstream Pressure For Integrated Micropropulsion”


Andrew Ketsdever and Dean Wadsworth, Air Force Research Laboratory, “Microfluidics Technology for Microsatellite Propulsion Applications”


Dean Wadsworth, ERC, Inc., “Gas-Surface Interactions for Microfluidics


R.A. Yetter, V. Yang, I.A. Aksay, F.L. Dryer, Penn State University, “Development of Meso and Micro Scale Chemical Propulsion Systems


Juergen Mueller, Amanda Green, John Ziemer, and David Bame, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Vaporizing Liquid Micro-Thruster


Chris Cadou, University of Maryland, “Modeling and Simulation of Combustion in Microchannels