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AME Student Conference Team Win

AME's team of Min Maung, Kevin Sakumoto, Cody Sato, and Brandon Uchimura has taken 2nd place in the Team Category of the technical paper competition at the AIAA Region VI Student Conference held last weekend, March 28-29, 2015, in Reno, Nevada.

The team submitted their paper describing their project, improving an off-the-shelf surface marker buoy for scuba diving. The papers from the various competing teams were judged by a panel of judges before the conference. At the conference in Reno, Brandon Uchimura gave a 20-minute presentation describing their work. The presentations were judged by a second panel of judges and the final results reflected the combined paper and presention scores.

The team's entry was also the students' AME 441 lab project. They had observed that commercially available surface marker buoys (SMBs)—inflatable, cylindrical, floating buoys that scuba divers can use to indicate their location to observers at the surface—are needlessly awkward to deploy. The group set out to reduce the line tangling on the reel, reduce the ascent velocity, and inflate the buoy without using the diver's breathing air supply. They proposed and tested 3 different designs, finally selecting a version with an added weight. The written report and presentation detailed their approach and testing.

Congratulations to Maung, Sakumoto, Sato, and Uchimura on their success at the AIAA Student Conference!