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Brook Hammerschmidt and the USC HPV team came in 5th overall and 3rd in the Endurance competition at the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) West competition this past weekend, April 24-26, 2015—pretty good since the day they were due to leave, the weld broke on the braking system and they had to madly scramble to find someone who could weld aluminum on short notice. They did the final heat treatment in a friend’s oven overnight.

The HPVC is intendended to provide "an opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of sound engineering design principles in the development of fast, efficient, sustainable, and practical human-powered vehicles." (From HPVC rules)It is an annual event organized by ASME's Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) Competition Group as a competition among engineering student teams. The teams design and build a vehicle, write a report documenting their design, race for top speed, document one innovation on their vehicle, and run an endurance race. The scores from the four events are combined to determine the winner.

ASME's HPVC events are held in several locations around the world. The HPVC-West is hosted by the Santa Clara Valley ASME Section with both the Innovation and Design presentations held at Santa Cruz University, the Sprint Event at the nearby Hellyer Velodrome, and the Endurance Event at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. This year's competition drew 36 teams from universities in the U.S, India, Egypt, Mexico, and Canada.

HPVC results.