Aerospace & Mechanical

Adjunct Faculty

  • Veronica Eliasson, Adjunct Associate Research Professor; Experimental mechanics within areas of shock wave focusing, shock wave dynamics, shock wave mitigation, high strain rate impact, fluid-structure interaction. Non-invasive high-speed visualization techniques in both fluids and solids
  • Lyle Levine; dislocations, ultra small angle X-ray scattering and diffraction, slip band evolution, multiscale nanoindentation modeling, nanowire deformation
  • Mark Page, Adjunct Assistant Professor; Configuration Aerodynamics, configuration stability & control, configuration design, UAV design, commercial jet transport design, ground effect aerodynamics, vortical flows, genetic code as an alternative vehicle design language
  • Blaine K. Rawdon; Transport aircraft design; the influence of alternative energy sources on transport aircraft design, radio controlled sailplanes