Aerospace & Mechanical


  • Iv├ín Bermejo-Moreno, Assistant Professor; Computational fluid mechanics, turbulent flows, fluid structure interaction, combustion, hypersonic propulsion, high performance computing
  • Charles Campbell, Professor; Two-phase flow, flow of granular material, heat transfer, slurry flows, fluidized beds, comminutron, particle fracture
  • Julian Domaradzki, Professor; Associate Fellow of AIAA, Fellow of APS; computational fluid mechanics, environmental and geophysical fluid mechanics, turbulence
  • Fokion Egolfopoulos, William E. Leonhard Professor in Engineering; Fellow of ASME, Associate Fellow of AIAA; Aerodynamic and Kinetic Processes in Flames, High-speed air-breathing propulsion, Microgravity Combustion, Mechanisms of Combustion-Generated Pollutants, Heterogeneous Reacting Flows, Conventional and Alternative Fuels, Detailed Modeling of Reacting Flows, Laser-Based Experimental Techniques
  • Henryk Flashner, Professor; Dynamics and control of systems, control of structurally flexible systems, analysis of nonlinear systems, biomechanics
  • Roger Ghanem, Professor (50% CEE); Risk assessment and mitigation, computational mechanics and computational stochastic mechanics, dynamics and identification, inverse problems and optimization under uncertainty, multiscale modeling; applications of these to problems in science and engineering
  • Satyandra K. Gupta, Smith International Professor of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering; Fellow of ASME; Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing Automation, and Robotics
  • Andrea Hodge, Arthur B. Freeman Professor (50% MFD); Metallic materials, nanomechanics, nanocrystalline materials processing, high temperature mechanics, thin and thick film coatings, biomaterials mechanics, foam processing
  • Yan Jin, Professor; Collaborative engineering, design theory and methods, knowledge-based design and manufacturing systems, intelligent agents for engineering support
  • Eva Kanso, Associate Professor; Dynamical systems, animal hydrodynamic propulsion
  • Michael E. Kassner, Choong Hoon Cho Chair and Professor (50% MFD); Fellow of ASM; Fellow of ASME; Fellow of AAAS; Metal plasticity theory, creep, fracture, phase diagrams, fatigue, and semi-solid forming
  • Mitul Luhar, Assistant Professor; Turbulence, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Flow-Structure Interaction
  • Paul Newton, Professor; nonlinear dynamical systems, fluid mechanics, vortex dynamics, probabilistic game theory, mathematical modeling of cancer metastasis
  • Niema M. Pahlevan, Assistant Professor; Biofluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, cardiovascular devices, hemodynamics, cardiovascular MRI, bio-inspired design, time-frequency analysis
  • Néstor O. Pérez-Arancibia, Assistant Professor; mechatronics, robotics, feed-back control, signal processing, dynamics, applied optics, fabrication of microrobots, and biologically inspired engineering
  • Larry Redekopp, Professor; Fellow of APS; theoretical fluid mechanics, nonlinear waves and stability, geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Paul Ronney, Professor; Fellow of ASME; Associate Fellow of AIAA; Combustion, micro-scale power generation and propulsion, biophysics and biofilms, turbulence, internal combustion engines and control systems, low-gravity phenomena, radiative transfer
  • Satwindar Sadhal, Professor; Fellow of ASME; Biotransport phenomena and mathematical modeling of biological systems, fluid dynamics and solute transport in eyes, drug delivery flow modeling in the vitreous humor and retina Fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in biological systems. Transport phenomena with drops and bubbles, including interaction with acoustic fields
  • Geoffrey R. Shiflett, Associate Professor; Kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems, computer-aided design, optimal design techniques, micro-electromechanical systems
  • Geoff Spedding, Professor; Fellow of APS; geophysical fluid dynamics, animal aero- and hydrodynamics, turbulence
  • Firdaus Udwadia, Professor (Civil Engineering, Systems Architecture Engineering, Mathematics, Information and Operations Management); Fellow of AIAA; Fellow of ASME; Dynamics and control, mechanics and mathematics, collaborative engineering, engineering management, structural dynamics, system identification
  • Alejandra Uranga, Assistant Professor; Fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, aircraft design, airframe-propulsion system integration, boundary layer ingestion
  • Bingen Yang, Professor; Fellow of ASME; Dynamics, vibration and control of mechanical systems, distributed-parameter systems, modeling and control of space structures, computational mechanics

Faculty of Engineering Practice

  • M. Oussama Safadi, Professor of Engineering Practice; Structural Dynamics, finite element, stress analysis, fracture mechanics

Emeritus Faculty

  • Ron Blackwelder, Professor; Fellow of APS; experimental fluid mechanics, flight aerodynamics, turbulence
  • Fred Browand, Professor Emeritus; Fellow of APS; experimental fluid mechanics, environmental and geophysical fluid mechanics, flight and transportation aerodynamics, turbulence
  • Terence G. Langdon, Professor Emeritus of AME, Materials Science, and Earth Sciences; Fellow of RAE; Fellow of EAS; Fellow of AAAS; Fellow of ASM; Fellow of ACeramS; Fellow of MRS; Fellow of TMS; Fellow of Inst. Phys; Fellow of Inst. Mater.; Honorary Member of JIM; Mechanical properties of metals and ceramics, creep, superplasticity, processing and properties of ultrafine-grained materials, severe plastic deformation
  • Don Shemansky, Professor Emeritus; astrophysics, space science, surface phenomena


AAAS: American Academy for the Advancement of Science
AIAA: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ACeramS: American Ceramic Society
APS: American Physical Society
ASM: American Society for Materials
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
EAS: European Academy of Sciences
IAE: Institute for Advancement of Engineering
Inst. Mater.: Institute of Materials (U.K.)
Inst. Phys.: Institute of Physics
JIM: Japan Institute of Metals
MRS: The Materials Research Society
NAE: National Academy of Engineering
RAE: Royal Academy of Engineering (U.K.)
TMS: The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society