Aerospace & Mechanical

Mitul Luhar

University of Southern California
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Los Angeles, California 90089-1453

Office: OHE 400C
Tel. (213) 740-7212
Fax. (213) 740-8071

Academic rank: Assistant Professor


2012 Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007 M.Eng. (Distinction), Engineering, QueensÂ’ College, University of Cambridge
2007 B.A. (Honors), Engineering, QueensÂ’ College, University of Cambridge

USC Academic Positions:

2015-: Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Other Professional Positions:

2012-2014: Postdoctoral Scholar, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests:

Turbulence, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Flow-Structure Interaction

Selected Publications:

M. Luhar, A.S. Sharma, and B.J. McKeon, "On the Structure and Origin of Pressure Fluctuations in Wall Turbulence: Predictions Based on the Resolvent Analysis", Journal of Fluid Mechanics 751, pp. 38-70, 2014.
M. Luhar, A.S. Sharma, and B.J. McKeon, "Opposition Control within the Resolvent Analysis Framework," Journal of Fluid Mechanics 749, pp. 597-626, 2014.
M. Luhar, E. Infantes, A. Orfila, J. Terrados, and H.M. Nepf, "Field Observations of Wave-Induced Streaming through a Submerged Seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) Meadow," Journal of Geophysical Research–Oceans 118, pp. 1955-1968, 2013.
M. Luhar and H.M. Nepf, "From the Blade Scale to the Reach Scale: A Characterization of Aquatic Vegetative Drag," Advances in Water Resources 51, pp. 305-316, 2013.
Marcos*, J.R. Seymour*, M. Luhar*, W.M. Durham*, J.G. Mitchell, A. Macke, and R. Stocker*, "Microbial Alignment in Flow Changes Ocean Light Climate," Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(10), pp. 3860-3864, 2011. (*authors contributed equally)
M. Luhar and H.M. Nepf, "Flow-Induced Reconfiguration of Buoyant and Flexible Aquatic Vegetation," Limnology and Oceanography 56(6), pp. 2003-2017, 2011.
M. Luhar, S. Coutu, E. Infantes, S. Fox, and H.M. Nepf, "Wave-Induced Velocities inside a Model Seagrass Bed," Journal of Geophysical Research–Oceans, C12005, 2010.
M. Luhar, J.T. Rominger, and H.M. Nepf, "Interaction between Flow, Transport, and Vegetation Spatial Structure," Environmental Fluid Mechanics 8(5), pp. 423-439, 2008.

Professional Societies:

American Physical Society
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Honors and Awards:

2009: Martin Family Society Fellowship for Sustainability, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007: Presidential Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mitul Luhar