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In its earlier years the aerospace industry spawned many small companies to satisfy the demand for innovative and specialized products. As an industry segment matures, however, there is a tendency toward consolidation of the smaller companies into fewer very large companies. Jerry Lockenour has compiled merger and acquisition histories for many of the large players in today's aerospace market.
Analysis of US Aerospace Industry is a listing of product data and other information on aerospace companies in the US. The compilation was done by Jerry Lockenour, a lecturer in AME, based on data found in Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine's Aerospace Source Book 2009. Updated 8/10/13.
Buzzfile's Aerospace Engineering Companies is a listing of size, location, specialty, and some contact information for 8,765 companies in the aerospace industry.
Job Search and Career Resources lists information sources useful to students looking for internships, on-campus jobs, or engineering positions. Compiled by Melissa Medeiros and Irice Castro in AME Student Services.
Aviation Week and Space Technology is offering students a free subscription to the digital edition of their magazine.