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Aerospace Industry Consolidation

Merger and Acquisition History of Major US Aerospace Companies

Companies are in an almost continual state of mergers and acquisitions. Big companies merge with one another and/or buy smaller companies. On rare occasion the government will step in and prevent the merger of two big companies if the merger might severely limit competition.

The merged company may or may not carry the name of a major acquired company. Examples where names were also merged include Lockheed and Martin into today's Lockheed Martin and the merger of Northrop and Grumman into today's Northrop Grumman. And it is quite common for the acquiring company to maintain an operating element at the geographic site of the acquired company. So you will likely find a major operating facility at the parent company site but also several additional operating facilities all over the country often at the original site of acquired companies.

For the major US aerospace companies the attached documents capture the historical picture of the mergers that currently make up those companies. Students may find these documents useful in deciding on career choices in specific locations and in the preparing for interviews with these companies.