Aerospace & Mechanical


Seminars are held Wednesdays, at 3:30 pm, in Seaver Science Library, Room 150 (SSL 150), unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served at 3:00 pm. Call (213) 740-8762 for further information.

1/21/15 From 0 to 10 mph in 100 Microseconds—The Fluid Mechanics of Feeding Strikes in a Carnivorous Plant
Ulrike K Müller
Associate Professor

Department of Biology
California State University at Fresno
Fresno, CA

1/28/15 Flavor Matters: The Compositional Effects of Fuels
Margaret S. Wooldridge
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  12:00 NOON
  EEB 248

Using Massively Parallel Simulation to Study Human Disease
Amanda Randles
Lawrence Fellow

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA

2/4/15 Low Mach Number Simulation of Turbulent Combustion
John Bell
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA

2/11/15 Optimal Actuator and Sensor Placement for Feedback Flow Control
Kevin K. Chen
Viterbi Fellow

Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

2/18/15 Computational Methods for Moving-Boundary Problems in Science and Engineering
Evan Gawlik
Ph.D. Candidate

Stanford University
Stanford, CA

2/25/15 Recent Research in CFD and Aerodynamics
Alejandra Uranga
Research Engineer

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

2/26/15 (Thursday)
  10:15 AM
  Laufer Library

Integrated Modeling, Planning, and Control for Automated Micro Robotic Manipulation
Ashis Banerjee
Research Scientist

General Electric Global Research
Niskayuna, NY

3/4/15 A Variational Multiscale Finite Element Method for Nearly Incompressible Solids and Fluid-Structure Interactions
Xianyi Zeng
Postdoctoral Associate

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Duke University
Durham, NC

3/11/15 Multi-Robot Systems for Monitoring and Controlling Large Scale Environments
Mac Schwager
Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering
Boston University
Boston, MA

Spring Break

—John Laufer Lecture—
Time: 1:00 PM
  Tutor Campus
  Ballroom A
Internal Gravity Wave Energy in the Oceans
Harry L. Swinney
Sid Richardson Foundation Regents Chair

Department of Physics
College of Natural Sciences
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas

4/8/15 Mechanics of Cell-Matrix Interactions in Three-Dimensions
Guruswami Ravichandran
John E. Goode, Jr. Professor of Aerospace and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories

California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA

4/22/15 Mathematical Models for the Shape of the Eiffel Tower
P. D. Weidman
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder
Boulder, CO

4/29/15 Optimal Hovering is Unstable
Yangyang Huang
Ph.D. Candidate

Quantifying Numerical Dissipation Rate in a Commercial CFD Code
Giacomo Castigliani
Ph.D. Candidate

Shock Response of Iron-Based Metallic Glass Matrix Composites
Gauri Khanolkar
Ph.D. Candidate