Aerospace & Mechanical

AME Student Achievement Award Winners


  • Danny Buecker, Katherine Will, Jordan Thayer, Montgomerie (Chris) Steele for their Automated Pan/Tilt Optical Tracking System, for triumphing the dynamics of a large (4-person) team in creating a complex, robotic system; also for placing high expectations on themselves while learning/expanding their engineering skill set (computer programming and microcontrollers).
  • Rachel Glazer, Daniel Dubin and Shveta Vankatram for their project, Wind Energy: Design and Testing of Microturbines for their well designed (before construction!) wind turbine apparatus which was adaptable for testing 3 configurations (resourceful), and proved to be able to withstand harsh testing conditions (resonance).
  • Anjali Daniels, Angela Bullon, Kathryn Masci and Kathryn Fries for their Portable UV Water Decontamination System, demonstrating their creativeness in defining a project that had practical implications, which could be used and appreciated by all hikers (and tree huggers).


  • Nathan Pandian and Francis DyBuncio for their project entitled Moving Ground Plane Test Section for the AME Lab Wind Tunnel.
  • Daniel Kivlovitz and Stephen Lue for their project Performance Characteristics of Rigid Wing and Traditional Cloth Sails.